IACC Accreditation

Color Consultant

Physiology of color for design and its effects on the human body, appetite, & comfort

Expert in Color and Lighting

Color and the human reaction to color, includes much more than understanding aesthetic trends. Color theory, technology, biology, philosophy, psychology, sociology and art are all aspects of the nature of color. Color and light are major factors in the architectural environment. Through sophisticated techniques of research and analysis, we know that color affects brain waves, functions of the autonomic nervous system, and hormonal activity, and that color arouses definite emotional and aesthetic associations. When we understand the complexity of using color in the archetectual environment, it becomes evident that color consulting/design is a profession in its own right. It must be subject to the same high standards found in all other professions demanding proof of competency. As an IACC color professional, I am specially trained in the functional and the aesthetic application of color and the resulting human responses. The goal is to use color in the most effective way to create more user-supportive environments through the educated application of color.